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Mary Jean Clothing is the psychedelic flower child of these three beautiful women.  This Grandmother, Mother, and daughter combo is bringing you the grooviest threads for you and your little ones.  

Sounds far out!! But let us give you the skinny...

Two years ago I became so frustrated with my daughter not wanting to wear any of the outfits I styled for her.  She would always complain how uncomfortable they were.  Not only that but I was so tired of the same cookie cutter kids outfits.  With so little unique style options I started to wonder...

Where's the funk gone?! 

So Mom and Grandma started talking.  If they put their sewing skills and business strategies together could they put an end to the boring funkless kids clothing?!

Yes! Meet Mary Jean.

So now you and your little ones can live happily ever after in a world with the foxiest of ladies, lovely little flower children, and where the disco ball never shines too bright.


Peace, love, and Bellbottoms.

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